Yogi Surprise: May Unboxing

First: I apologize for being MIA. Again. I’m still driving the struggle bus to Time Management Town. I have a little free time this evening, so I am writing up a few blog posts to post over the next couple of days. Moving on…

I love this subscription box. It is so fun, and I love every item! It’s like a birthday at the beginning of every month. Except I’m not any older; just more centered. 🙂

I was super pleased with this box. I knew what two of the items were prior to getting the box. Yogi Surprise sends out a spoiler or two every month.

If you aren’t familiar with Yogi Surprise, you can check out my first post here.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


I was immediately in love 🙂 Any box containing any type of tea is fantastic and is a winner in my book.

As always, the box contained a card detailing each item. The total value for this box is about $73. For $45 per month, that isn’t bad 🙂


Alright so totally didn’t realize I had my tea box turned around here. Oops.

Anyway, on the left we have Luv Superfoods Beegan-bites. I was pretty excited about these… Until I bit into one. Huge chunks of almonds. Now normally, I’d be stoked. But I have braces… So unfortunately, these went to hubs. He loved them.

Again, tea. I love tea. This is green tea, which I am currently obsessed with. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I am pretty pumped about it!


On the left is a gorgeous Om pendant. I am so excited to wear it! I think it’d be lovely with a plain gray v-neck.

On the right is a Tibetan prayer flag. I plan on setting these up in my “yoga room” whenever we move this fall.


Left: Moon Valley Organics Peppermint Foot Rub. Smells amazing and I’ve heard really great things about this company.

Right: Yoga Mind Mouth Mist. This mist has an interesting scent and taste. It has a few essential oils that are supposed to help center you before or after practice.

That’s May’s box! If you are interested in subscribing, follow this link! They’ve already released a spoiler for June’s box-you don’t want to miss it!